A Brief History
Attwill Furniture

Ronald M. Trapasso is the master craftsman, conservator, and
present owner of the Attwill Furniture Company. Before purchasing
the firm in 1977, he apprenticed under Mario Torto and J. Sanger
Attwill for seven years. The company, located in Lynn,
Massachusetts gained its' notariety for excellence in restoration
and conservation of antique furniture, finishes and upholstery.

Founded by J. Sanger Attwill in 1927, the Attwill firm has
produced an array of one-of-a-kind revival pieces for over 80 years.
With the arrival of two Italian immigrant brothers, Arthur A. and
Mario L. Torto, the firm began manufacturing authentic mahogany
reproduction furniture in the 1930’s. Most of these pieces were hand
finished by American born, Leo Imgemi. Furniture made by the
Attwill firm was branded with a family coat of arms and the French
inscription, "En Deiu (sic)/ Est Mon/Esperance", (In God Is My
Hope) or simply "Attwill/Lynn, Mass". This tradition of branding
pieces still continues today.

The Attwill Furniture Company remains synonymous with the finest
antique restoration in New England. With an impeccable history of
over 80 years experience, Attwill's customer base is both lengthy
and diversified. It includes fine furniture enthusiasts from collectors
to investors. Through his practical experience and historical
knowledge, Ron Trapasso epitomizes a most invaluable resource
for Attwill Furniture Company's customers of yesterday, today
and tomorrow.